After having lots of trouble duo to cancellation of our class trip to Chiemsee because of Corona and reorganizing this new trip within two days – we started our class trip on 23rd of August at 7:30am in front of the school. After we took some class photos wearing our baby blue and self-created class sweaters, we went into the bus and our bus trip started. During the ride we played lots of UNO and listened to music.

Every two hours we had to take a break – in total I took 10 hours to reach Kössen. Finally, we arrived in Austria around 6pm in the evening. Our stay – Sportgaststätte – was surrounded by lots of mountains and there were also many cows. Fortunately they were behind a fence so they couldn‘t get near to the youth hostel. The girls rooms were on the second floor and the boys‘ ones were on the first. After arrival we had to take our suitcases to our rooms, make our beds and then we went downstairs for dinner. After dinner they told us the rules, for example that we had to do Corona tests every second day, that bed rest was at 10pm and the timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After that we had free time to explore the youth hostel and the area.
On the second day the teachers divided the class into two groups: one group did a Mountain bike tour and the other one had to do a video challenge, where we had to take pictures and videos at different locations and write a small poem naming our teachers. After lunch the groups switched the activities. That evening it was rainy, so we played karaoke in a cozy cinema room – that was funny 😊
On Wednesday it was a sunny day, so we took the cable car to Unterberg Hochkössen and went for a hiking trip to the top of the mountain- amazing view. On the way there many cows, sheep, and sweet little goats. After lunch we visited a summer coast (Sommerrodelbahn) where we could ride the coast twice. Our next stop was Walchsee – the famous lake in Kössen. Some of us took a sunbath, some went for swimming, some played football or ate an ice-cream. Back in the hostel we had a nice barbeque outside – and it was still sunny! That evening we played lots of basketball, table tennis, beach volleyball – that was fun and exhausting 😉
On the fourth day we went for wild water rafting. We were in three groups on three rafting boats with three guides. First many of us were afraid but everybody had lots of fun and got totally wet – scene was also very amazing. In the afternoon we surprised Ms. Arora with a tasty cake as thanks for organizing the class trip. In the evening we watched the videos from the first day and were spoiled with sweets from our teachers. We also partied and danced in our own youth hostel disco.
On Friday we had to pack and ride back. On our 10 hours ride we played several rounds of Uno, Werwolf, listened to music and slept a lot!
To sum up, the food at the hostel wasn‘t really the best but the class trip was great. Having the teachers around us for a whole week was funny and we could get to know them in a different way. So, in conclusion it was a very special class trip, a new and exciting experience and we all got closer to each other as a class 😉

written by Melike Bayindir, 10N